is a computerprogram for professional designers of handknitting (and embroidery).

It is a program that makes it so easy to create new patterns and above all the prints (emf and eps) is excellent and has a very professional look.

It is used by Rowan Yarns, Dale of Norway, Sandness Yarn and many other yarn companies and magazines and of course of many designers.


The program is designed by Jubbe Netterstrøm (married to me) - we work as a team.

  • I know how to design and how to use the program
  • my husband know how to design a program

He has worked as a software designer for many, many years.

So he knows what he is doing!!!

Are you interested to know more - go to from where you can download the manual.

You are also welcome to contact my husband or me

Jubbe Netterstrøm ( or me (Vivian Høxbro -

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