February 14-17  2019

Madrona Fiber Arts

Winter Retreat


Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington


I am very fortunate to be invited to Madrona again.

I love Madrona and I am very happy to be able to be there when Suzanne and Cornie organize their last Madrona.

Fortunately Madrona will go on - so it is a celebration!
At the next Madrona Suzanne and Cornie will be able to take classes and socialise more relaxed. They certainly deserve it after 20 years on top of it all.

I will talk about my latest book about the Danish 17-19th century everyday sweater etc.
I am looking very much forward to meeting my american friends and colleges.

I am looking very much forward to meeting you all again!

Love from Vivian   

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