These are tools I cannot live without - and may be new tools!

My Tool-Box

This is my tool-box - I bring it everywhere. It is a box for flyfishing. I got it from my friend Susanna Hansson ( In that little box is everything I need. 

Foldable Pair of Scissors!

This perfect pair of scissors can fold so that it fits into my toolbox. Besides that it cuts really well.

Markers (Safety-Markers)

You cannot do much without good markers.
The markers I use ALL the time are these Clover markers as they are moveable and I have tried others, but Clovers are the strongest and the easiest to use.

Circular markers

These markers are soft and flexible - they too are from Clover.
I use them, if markser have to stay in the work in the same position - for example inside an edge.

From Japan

These markers are made of Akiyo Murono from Japan. They are made of seashells from misos-oup and covered with silk.

From Finland

These markers are tiny felted balls with embroidered dots. Lena Alve gave them to me. 
I can truly recommend her blog it is beautiful and very talented.

Find Dancers with Wool here!

From the US

I got these markers from a nice lady at a TNNA in the US. I am sorry I cannot remember her name. They are tiny domino-squares made of clay.

From Denmark

These markers was a gift from Ditte from the Sommerfugl (meaning Butterfly) -


These stoppers are Clovers and they are great. I use them to create domino-needles from double pointed needles.


I dont know the English name for these. They are meant to stop the cords on anoraks.

But I use them as stoppers on my circular needles, when I knit flat on circulars.

Signature Needles

are not only needles - they are jewels and I bought them not just to knit with, but to really, really enjoy. I enjoy the look of them. They are so beautiful. I love to knit with them, but I also love to knit with my carbonz needles (Knit Pro).

I am sorry that the Signature circulars are not in European sizes. I need particularly 3 mm's.


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