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My newest book is now available in English!

Publisher: Trafalgar Books

Fiberside Chats

I am very poud to tell that I will be presented in Longmontyarns Fiberside chats April 24.

I have not tried Zoom before - so cross fingers - please!

See more here!

To day is the day where Fruity Knitting Episode 109 and 110 is avaiable on You Tube.

109 I was quite shaky when I opened the video. But I must say - I like it a lot. Even though my English is baby-English. Its OK - the video is full of colors and lots and lots of fun - and also Andrea and Andreas and their daughters knitting and a beautiful part with the Fanø Museum.

110 is manly about the book: Traditional Danish Sweaters. You will hear me tell about the old and new sweaters and the pattersn and techniques.

Do also watch  Andreas og Andreas blog.

Traditinal Danish Sweaters

In English in July

NOW available on


Vivian Høxbro showcases Danish heritage from a proud chapter of knitting history. The 200 star motif patterns in the book have their origin in carefully preserved sweaters that were part of women’s traditional dress in the 1800s. These "night sweaters," as they were called, are a treasure chest of knitted damask patterns: beautiful, single-color relief designs in knit, purl, and crossed stitches, with stars as a particularly charming motif. The book includes 200 charted patterns to incorporate into your knitting; a history of "night sweaters" illustrated with little vignettes; illustrations of special knitting techniques; instructions for modern sweaters as well as shawls, a top, and a tunic; instructions for traditional sweaters worked in today’s measurements and colors. See, enjoy, and discover the wealth of traditional Danish pattern designs, and be inspired to knit your own beautiful classically-patterned sweaters.

Strik danske stjernetrøjer

My newest book is in Danish - I do hope though that an American or English puslisher will transtale and pinrt it. But so far it is in Danish only.

I have based the book on 87 - 200 years old knitted shirts that I have seen in museums in Denmark.

The book has a chapter on the Danish knitting history where some of the old knitted shirts are mentioned.
It has 200 patterns, and 
a technical chapter, and
instruction for 10 sweaters and 1 stole inspired by the old shirts.


Strik danske stjernetrøjer
Forfatter: Vivian Høxbro
Forlag: Turbine Forlag
Hard cover/256 sider
Pris 300 DKK
ISBN 9 788740 615456




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