My book about the Danish 17th-19th century every day knitted sweaters will be published in the US by Trafalgar Square Books Spring 2019.

Strik danske stjernetrøjer

My newest book is in Danish - I do hope though that an American or English puslisher will transtale and pinrt it. But so far it is in Danish only.

I have based the book on 87 - 200 years old knitted shirts that I have seen in museums in Denmark.

The book has a chapter on the Danish knitting history where some of the old knitted shirts are mentioned.
It has 200 patterns, and 
a technical chapter, and
instruction for 10 sweaters and 1 stole inspired by the old shirts.


Strik danske stjernetrøjer
Forfatter: Vivian Høxbro
Forlag: Turbine Forlag
Hard cover/256 sider
Pris 300 DKK
ISBN 9 788740 615456




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