Weaving in Yarn Tails (wyt)

- or darning while knitting.

You can fasten off yarns by weaving in the tails while knitting on the right side. The woven-in yarns lie on the worng side and are not visible on the right side. Hold the work as for knitting Fair Isle knitting. 

If you are as lazy as I am - weave in as many tails as possible this way.
When using this technique it is no problem to use many colors.
It is difficult to weave in tails when knitting on the wrong side, so don't try.

In some patterns I refer to weaving in yarn tails “wyt-col A”, meaning: weave in the color A yarn tail. If there is no such reference, weave in tails when you find it adequate. Always weave in the tail that is the lowest. Then weave in the tail that is now the lowest etc.
After weaving in a yarn tail, knit a few more rows, and leave a 1 cm /1/3” long tail on the wrong side to prevent it from slipping on to the right side when the garment is laundered.

The Continental Way:
The “old" color (O = white in the drawings) lies over one finger, the index finger. Hold the "new" color (N =  grey in the drawings), which is the yarn you are knitting with, closer to the fingernail over both the index and the middle finger.

* Insert needle UNDER O and knit 1 stitch with N.

The English Way:

Hold the tail you will weave in on your left hand index finger and the yarn you will knit with on your right hand index finger. Insert needle under the tail and throw with the yarn around ndl, then go under the tail and knit the stitch.

Then bring the needle OVER O and knit 1 stitch with N *.

Repeat from * to * a few times.

Knit the next st without interfering with the tail. Rep this until you hvae the number of stitches required.

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